Wikipedia: The whole nine yards or full nine yards is a colloquial American phrase meaning "EVERYTHING, THE WHOLE LOT" or, when used as an adjective, "ALL THE WAY"
We pride ourselves on personal service and exceptional attention to detail, starting with our initial contact with you, continuing on to the quotation stage, and then throughout and beyond the project itself
From company branding and stunning websites to bespoke applications and IT consultancy, Full Nine can provide the expertise and tools to help your business shine.
Full Nine offer a wide range of web-based development services:
  • Static brochure websites to create that vital first impression for your business.
  • Websites you can build and update yourself via a bespoke Content Management System (CMS).
  • Database-driven web/cloud applications, eg customer and project management systems.
  • E-Commerce websites to sell online and optimise post-purchase processes, eg dispatch and accounts integration.
  • Advice and help with a variety of associated IT services such as web/email hosting and search engine optimisation.
Before walking the Full Nine yards to self-employment, Ashley worked in the travel industry for 15 years, building tailored web-based applications to streamline every aspect of a business. This experience of working within real businesses at ground level means we can offer innovative solutions to maximise efficiency and profitability across all departments of your company. From front end sales and marketing, right through to the back office, a truly effective IT system joins up the dots without getting in your way.
As a result, we believe that our code can only ever deliver meaningful results in conjunction with a thorough understanding of the unique way in which your business functions and the challenges you face. So please get in touch for an informal discussion on how we could help you succeed in an increasingly digital world.
Away from his laptop, Ashley has DJ'd for over 20 years now, playing deep and soulful house music at various nightclubs across the country, as well as a 10 year residency at Southampton's leading club. He also founded and ran the renowned 'Emotive' brand with two friends, promoting and playing at several house music parties, featuring some of the world's leading DJ's. He's been promising a new mix for longer than we care to remember.
Full Nine offer a full range of design services:
  • Logos and branding.
  • Business stationery design - business cards, letterheads and compliments slips.
  • Brochures and any other type of printed material.
  • Bespoke illustration.
  • Web design.
Graham graduated from the Arts Institute at Bournemouth with a degree in Illustration, and left the seaside with first class Honours in his bucket.
He has been freelance illustrating ever since but, not being content seeing how far one string can launch an arrow, he decided to add a few more to his bow and extended his creative flair to graphic design and then on to web design. He's worked with a variety of clients on projects encompassing publishing, editorial, greeting cards, film, brochure design, stationery, brand identity and of course web design.
Combining traditional methods with digital techniques, his work starts off life as just a scribble in his sketchbook, then evolves into a sketch in his sketchbook, and finally becomes a scrubbed up layer in his beloved Mac - decorated with hundreds of homemade patterns and textures that bring the artwork to life.
He loves to draw, design and be creative so if you feel that this is something for you or you organisations please do get in touch.
When not sharpening his pencil, Graham enjoys all things 'Mod' and football but is now living his playing days through his youngest...and seems to be on a never ending quest to teach the young lad that boots should be black. Wish him luck on the education of the first subculture!
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